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IoT provides you with a seemingly limitless ways of deploying it – each with a related challenge of its own. This challenge is to be expressed in the following formula:

the more the world gets networked, the more the amount of data produced. Mastering this amount of data requires intelligent and efficient tools.

IoT causes the disappearance of borders between data generation, processing and supplying. The ensuing and steadily increasing amount of data notwithstanding, a seamless proceeding has to be guaranteed.

Industrial IoT gives rise to a melding of IT and OT (information and operational technologies), requiring the creation of new approaches and applications – each individual-use and customized in nature.

susietec offers...

A great number of ways of mastering precisely those challenges arising in the Insutrial IoT networks. Our objective is to meet the user‘s needs for a greater speed, security and ease of access to the information required.

Kontron Technologies is a successful supplier of innovative products and solutions enabling the efficient linkage of mobile staff members to corporate IT systems.


The solution for providers of assembly, repairing and maintenance and other services.


Workforce enables companies to optimize the operations of their staff engaged in providing assembly and other on-site services. This optimization results in cutting costs and increasing of the quality of services.

Workforce gives staff members the capability to expeditiously process commissions on site. The required speed stems from their having on-site access to all data needed, being supplied by the backend system. This provision ensures these service specialists efficiently handling the commissions. Speed and the efficiency give rise to high levels of customer satisfaction. Mobile is also deployed to quickly and simply mobilize and manage IT and facility services.

Quality Management

Bringing automation and improvement to quality management

Quality Management

The software solution Quality Management permits the upgrading of quality management processes. These include audits, which – thanks to their being digitalized – achieve a new simplicity and thus speed of conducting. Once confirmed, information is transferred on a fully-automated basis.

This product also supplies you with a business reporting tool that provides you with access to all reports compiled and then made available in all hierarchies. 

Facility Services

Bringing structure to the
management of buildings and other real estate

Facility Services

The application Facility Services enables companies, which manage buildings and other real estate, to cut their costs of operating these and of the technical facilities found in them.

Facility Services end-to-end management of information ensures that processes run as planned, and that inspections, assessments and supervisory tours are conducted in systematic and structured ways – thanks to generic checklists. This product also offers a comprehensive range of evaluation and reporting tools. 

Mobile Sales

The solution for
 sales representatives
in the field 

Mobile Sales

Mobile Sales increases the productivity and efficiency of your field sales representatives.

The software solution does this by providing them with access to your CRM system, enabling the sales reps to have all the information needed to optimally prepare their pitches to customers – and to process the orders booked.

Mobile Sales easy-to-use display provides easy and intuitive access to all data. 

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