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Interlinking - communication - cooperation

Let’s take a short glance at our way of approaching our daily routines. As this rapidly shows, we are online on a permanent basis and we use these connections to interact with our environment.

We adapt our procedures on an ongoing basis to current conditions. We respond quickly and adequately to changes in them and we skirt obstacles in our way.

When we look at things, we see more than the objects themselves and we also see their uses.

The reason that we can achieve all this is that we are part of an ongoing dialogue – between us and our environment and the items comprising it. This dialogue is part of the never-ending flow of information that we employ to the conducting of our affairs. 

It is precisely this communication that enables us to find – in real-time - solutions to our problems, and to deploy these on an immediate basis.

The Internet of Things is guided by those principles and the deployment of IoT opens up a whole new class of applications, that are for use in our daily lives and workday environments.


In our cities

IoT imparts a new ‘intelligence’ – meaning ‘needs-determined’ – to the supply of such basic public goods as water and power in our cities. The result: a new and greater efficiency and ease of provision. Also profiting from this intelligence is illumination and traffic, whose inefficiencies are being reduced while in meantime our quality of life is being increased.


In our homes

IoT facilitates the optimization of energy consumption and home security. While doing so, it also reduces the amount of maintenance to be done, and, by properly controlling illumination and consumer electronics, augments our sense of being at home.


While on the road

IoT furthers the communication of vehicles on the road. This increases our security and speed of mobility, as do the selection of routes adapted to volumes of traffic, the real-time monitoring of vehicle conditions, and the rapid finding of charging stations for E-mobiles.


In health care

IoT gives physicians the capability to conduct the comprehensive and remote monitoring on a real-time basis of patients (“health apps”). IoT also ensures the patients’ adhering to the course of treatment and medications prescribed, and gives rise to new modes of diagnosis.

In manufacturing

IoT enables the integration of production equipment into the network of communication guiding dedicated processes.

IoT thus permits the direct exchange of information among machines. It also expands the range of ways that people and machines communicate with each other.

The data collected from IoT is rendered accessible and is transformed to be visualizable. Thanks to these processes, the data can be employed to the optimization of procedures, and to the eradication of sources of errors.

industry 4.0


Mobile solutions
based on 


Our mobility solutions are based upon service2go . This platform incorporates proprietary  technologies and accords to industry-wide standards. It is designed to foster openness, flexibility and ability to be integrated. These characteristics enable it to be easily and completely plugged into extant systems and environments – and to let it be configured to meet any and all individual needs.

Business Apps

Solutions driving all of your business processes that are based on documents and workflows.

Business Apps

Instead of altering your system, simply integrate new solutions into it – and gain a new and greater speed of response by doing such. This speed is for today‘s companies one of their most important assets. profiler business apps provide you with the tools required to expedite your processes and to rapidly adapt them to account for changes in conditions. The new approach: instead of changing your system, adapt it by simply integrated new solutions into it. New apps for new requirements.

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