Facility Services

Structuring your management of buildings and other real estate

Facility Management

The software solution Facility Services enables companies engaged in the management of buildings and other real estate to cut their costs of running these and the technical infrastructure in them. This is accomplished by Facility Services' end-to-end management of information, structures processes and makes them transparent.

Managers of premises and of buildings have access to key data on both. Processing capabilities guarantee the ongoing updating and extending of the database. Cases of service provisions and disturbances are recorded on mobile bases. These are then relayed to the workflow filed.  Commissions of examination and maintenance are either generated manually or automatically. The commissions recorded are assigned by a central body to staff members or to external service providers. Rapidly-delivered feedback ensures the highest degree of transparency and quick processing.

Also receiving structures are inspections, assessments and on-site checks. This occurs via the use of generic checklists, which are then employed in the processing of such. This product also offers comprehensive ranges of evaluation and reporting capabilities.

Facility Services at work


Paperless, efficient building management

Facility Service: application for Austria‘s federal real estate corporation.

Project and solution: a suite comprised of applications and covering all relevant business processes – and networked with extant IT

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