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A web-technolgy capable of handling both: documents and processes

Bridging gaps. Making it flow. Creating room to move.

The workflow – making and keeping work flowing – is key to enhancing the productivity and motivation of each staff member and thus of the company as a whole. Software is deployed to plan, virtually depict and guarantee the optimal employment of resources, to undertake accounting and to manage goods and materials.

The efficient operation of each of these processes is accompanied by the arising of gaps. These ensue from exchanges among these areas, and these gaps, in turn, cause disturbances and interruptions of workflows. This is where profiler shows its stuff. Its automation of the management of documents harmonizes the interchanges between the individual areas.

profiler business apps guarantee that all business processes based on documents and workflows will work exactly as foreseen. The profiler  system is comprised of modules and is not dependent on a specific platform. Its electronic archiving operates in a revision-proof way.  profiler  gives your processes a new and greater speed and productivity of operation. It makes work a lot more fun.

Find all your information immediately. Improve your speed and quality of decision-making!
No longer any need for the manual management of documents! This in turn gives your staff members the time and space they need to make full use of their qualifications and proficiencies. This benefits your company. Your staff members work better with each other. Costly detours and errors are precluded by profiler.

digital workflow

The new place of work: virtual. paperless. networked

filer is capable of being configured to meet the needs of your company, and to accord to the processes that have proven their value. profiler  creates a virtual “desk” upon which staff members – including those of offices and of subsidiaries – are joined – via the Cloud – by customers, suppliers and partners work together – on an entirely paperless basis.

profiler is based on web technologies. It is employable on all end-devices, be they PCs, notebooks, tablets or mobile telephones. And no matter which operating systems they use. profiler’s IT enables the quick and inexpensive rolling out of new apps. It enables the no-delay supporting of the processes being undertaken by the user!

Cut costs and times of work – or save money - by employing profiler business apps, which take on your tried and true processes – ones accepted and used by your teams – and then structures them. This fine-tuning enables the processes’ attaining an unprecedented speed of procedure. And the best thing about them: although paperless in nature, the profiler business apps permit processes’ being put on paper bases, should that be the best way of undertaking certain steps.

These features impart the capability to stay at the cutting edge of developments. Software is always ready to quickly, precisely and flexibly respond to meet new requirements.

The profiler – always ready to handle change, always keeping things flowing.

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