Embedded Software  

The way to get started on your IoT project

Embedded Software

Our embedded software services are the way to get started on the implementation of your IoT project. While doing such, we help you find the IoT technologies that are right for you. This entails our relying upon the use of prototypes, as doing such enables a precisely-adapted implementation and use yields technical specifications that precisely accord to the respective requirements.

Our experts facilitate the entire process. The end-to-end assistance is required to bridge the gap between the chains of development – hardware vs. software and takes the form of handling a large number of different responsibilities, within the area where we supply support services to OEMs and manufacturers of embedded systems. Our core advantages and capabilities:

  • Wide-ranging software expertise –  including the programming of device drivers and application kernels, so that they can be integrated into comprehensive solutions, with these including cloud-related ones.
  • Expertise on and experience in the development of software used in a variety of operating systems and microprocessor architectures – on the optimizing of solutions by exploiting hardware features – and on achieving their acceleration by placing them on advanced hardware platforms.
  • Ensuring , the reliability and security of processes-furthering systems, with this including establishing redundant ones. 

Our services complement and complete the items found in our portfolio:

  •   Development according to specification sheet
  •   Outsourcing / engineers leasing
  •   Project management (agile, V model, etc.)
  •   Software design and architecture
  •   Software consulting
  •   Standard software products

The foundation of smart devices

We are truly experts in the development of customized drivers and the handling of BSP implementations, with this including native OS code, whenever so required. In such projects, your job is to work with us to specify the form and structure of this technological foundation, which is so important for your application. We handle the rest for you.



Middleware engineering services

The services demanded for the software found on your devices and not comprising those in its operating systems can range from simple APIs to extremely complex middleware. Our services in this messaging and communications-centric area extend from adaptive logic comprised in legacy and proprietary protocols to the logic used in the handling of Big Data in IoT scenarios.



Nothing is more important than the app

The application is the sole target of our software engineering services for the middleware and hardware levels. Many OEMs lack the time to handle themselves the programming of the entire application. To make up for this, we support OEMs‘ and suppliers of applications‘ attempts to get their “tiger in the tanks“.  Your advantage: by leverage us for the commissioning part, you get to concentrate your efforts on the engineering of the features in and the functions of your intelligent devices and of the services derived from them.

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