Blog: SUSiEtec: Traditional Cloud Service or Real Newcomer?

04.10.2018 | Germany

A growing demand calls for a growing supply as well. For some years now, more and more cloud service providers have been trying to make up ground against their competitors with an ever-growing range of services. When it comes to enterprise-level IaaS services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still the benchmark according to analysts. Nevertheless, Microsoft is also gaining ground with its growing Azure portfolio. And now IIoT platform SUSiEtec from Kontron and S&T Technologies wants to get involved in global networking, too. But what can SUSiEtec do that others can't and does the new service have the potential to hold its own against the big cloud players? 

The times when only cables were plugged together are finally over
There is no doubt about it: If you want to remain competitive, you will have to network. The market volume for cloud services is therefore constantly growing and it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to choose a cloud provider. Once system integrators start dealing with the subject, they quickly notice that large cloud providers are not prepared to respond to individual customer wishes. They only offer a basic product, individual extras are not included in the portfolio. However, the networking requirements vary greatly from customer to customer and from project to project. One of the biggest challenges at the beginning is that customers often do not know exactly where the journey will take them, what possibilities a cloud will provide and where which data should be located. The result is often complicated multi-cloud scenarios with several public cloud providers.

In view of this problem it becomes clear: SUSiEtec is indeed a real newcomer! Thanks to the combination of individual consulting, development services and established standard software, the range of software and services offered by SUSiEtec combines all the existing jigsaw pieces of a cloud solution and combines them into a complete package. SUSiEtec stands for.. >>read blog