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SUSiEtec - supplying the intelligence to collective networks of things.    

IoT provides you with a seemingly limitless ways of deploying it – each with a related challenge of its own. This challenge is to be expressed in the following formula: the more the world gets networked, the more the amount of data produced. Mastering this amount of data requires intelligent and efficient tools.

Intelligence:  refers to the adeptness and ingenuity required to get your bearings and to function in a field comprised of vast quantities.

Elegance: is required to ensure the analysis and processing of data, taking place in the background, and its not being disturbed or delayed when pursuing normal procedures.

IoT causes the disappearance of borders between data generation, processing and supplying. The ensuing and steadily increasing amount of data notwithstanding, a seamless proceeding has to be guaranteed.

Industrial IoT gives rise to a melding of IT and OT (information and operational technologies), requiring the creation of new approaches and applications – each individual-use and customized in nature.

SUSiEtec offers...

A great number of ways of mastering precisely those challenges arising in the Insutrial IoT networks. Our objective is to meet the user‘s needs for a greater speed, security and ease of access to the information required.


 SUSiEtec  provides..

...a way of deploying the IoT gateway to eradicate the gap between the things/devices and the cloud, and to do such when pursuing practical applications.

The IoT gateway thus plays a major role in IoT networks. This is due to its setting up the connections among the devices, to its transforming protocols, and to its imparting the capability of on-site filtering and processing of data. An IoT gateway is flexibly configurable, and is adaptable to the requirements of an 

extant automation solution. This in turn enables the collection and analysis of available control and sensors-produced data.

The ever-greater intra-company networking gives rise to an ever-greater amount of data, which causes an ever-larger encumbrance of bandwidth and of the storage capacities of the cloud.

SUSiEtec has therefore placed a high priority on..


Edge computing harnesses the computing power of a local network to the on-site controlling of time-critical processes. Data is locally cached, compressed and then transferred – in accordance with the corresponding and predetermined rules – into the cloud. This procedure increases the security of processes, and reduces the bandwidth required. It thus results in savings of operating costs.

SUSiEtec is..

...a data processing solution that reduces the volume of data to be transferred, and thus also the need for a dedicated link, enabling the real-time applications constituting Industrial IoT.

SUSiEtec represents the full-scale realization of the concept of Industrial IoT, as it enables

..Self-teaching machines 

The melding of IT and OT enables the machines being deployed‘s operating on their own – and their adapting to new conditions. This entails the machines‘ having the capabilities of evaluating sensors-produced data on real-time bases.


... teams up all these technologies. It thus provides the most effective way of setting up and maintaining Industrial IoT networks...

...with the elegance of intelligence!  



"Elegance is maintaining a relaxed openness when dealing with difficult situations. It is finding something, and of doing such without giving the impression of having searched for it.  It is to know something, and to do such without disclosing that it was the product of studying." Paul Valéry  

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